Sunday, February 5, 2017

Saving Wally Byam's #1 Trailer from the 1956 European Caravan

On January 31st, 2017 we purchased a 1955 Airstream on the Portland Oregon Craigslist that has been confirmed to be the trailer that Wally Byam himself took on the European Caravan in 1956.  This one of a kind Airstream has seen better days and needs a total restoration.  Our plan is to return this iconic Airstream to it's caravan era condition, down to as fine a detail as possible.  It's a difficult task, especially with all that has been removed inside.  We need the help of the Airstream community to track down the missing pieces!

Preliminary Parts list:

Jalousie Window mechanism (3" panes x 8 high) 
H-20 lock handle and interior lock trim
1955 cabinet latches (both white and black), hinges, drawer pulls

3 interior half-round wall lights

1955 princess range and Kreft gas/electric refrigerator (white)

single basin white sink and appropriate faucet
matching water heater in usable condition (or for parts to complete)
4 15" rims with clips (non-split rim)
rolling folding table as seen below
2 chairs as seen
wally byam hooks (at least a dozen so far in counting)

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